Case Studies

Case Study: Trehalose In Frozen Acai Smoothie

Mar 21, 2023

Case Study Ingredient : Trehalose Application: Frozen Acai Smoothie Challenge Help an acai bowl retail […]

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bowl of pet food white background

Case Study: Citrus Fiber in Dog Food

Feb 24, 2023

Case Study Ingredient: Citri-Fi™ Citrus Fiber Application: Dog Food Challenge Help a dog food manufacturer […]

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protein balls on a white background

Case Study: Chicory Root Inulin in Protein Balls

Aug 15, 2022

Case Study Ingredient: Chicory Root Fiber (Inulin) Application: Protein Balls Challenge Help a clean label […]

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gummy beers coming out of a jar

Case Study: Pectin in Gummies

Aug 10, 2022

Case Study Ingredient: Pectin Application: Gummies Challenge Help a gummy manufacturer find a slow-set pectin […]

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A close-up of a delicious bowl of red salsa

Citrus Fiber in Salsa Case Study

Jul 6, 2022

Case Study Ingredient: Citrus Fiber Application: Salsa Challenge Help an established hot sauce brand find […]

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Case Study: Stevia & Organic Tapioca Syrup in Gummies

Jun 2, 2022

Case Study Ingredients: Stevia & Organic Tapioca Syrup   Application: Gummies Challenge Help a start-up confectionary […]

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A bowl of fresh hummus sits on a white wooden table

Antimicrobial Case Study: Hummus

Jun 2, 2022

Case Study Ingredient: Antimicrobial  Application: Hummus Challenge Help a large-scale hummus brand extend shelf-life on […]

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Antimicrobial Case Study: Deli Salad Sandwich

Jun 2, 2022

Case Study Ingredient: Antimicrobial  Application: Deli Salad Sandwich Challenge Help a large-scale co-packer find a […]

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