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Manufactured by Cargill
While its name may seem very scientific, erythritol is the only all-natural, non-caloric alternative to sugar. It shares a place with sugar as a sweetener that is made from a natural source.

Erythritol is currently used as a bulk sweetener in reduced calorie foods. It has been part of the human diet for thousands of years as it is present in fruits such as pears, melons and grapes, as well as foods such as mushrooms and fermentation-derived foods such as wine, soy sauce and cheese. Since 1990, erythritol has been commercially produced and added to foods and beverages to provide sweetness, as well as enhance taste and texture.

Erythritol, also known as a polyol or sugar alcohol, is a white crystalline powder that is odorless, with a clean sweet taste that is similar to sucrose. Like other polyols, erythritol does not promote tooth decay and is safe for people with diabetes. However, erythritol’s caloric value of 0 calories* per gram and high digestive tolerance distinguishes it from some other polyols. Because erythritol is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine and rapidly eliminated by the body within 24 hours, laxative side effects sometimes associated with excessive polyol consumption are unlikely when consuming foods containing erythritol.

Erythritol is suitable for people with diabetes, and does not promote tooth decay. It fits the need for a healthy lifestyle shared by so many consumers today.

Our Erythritol is available in corn based, dextrose based, and a dextrose based Certified Organic product. Please contact one of our Sales Specialists for the product that will work best for your specific needs.