BioVia YM 10
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BioVia YM 10

"With the consumer trend toward natural products still going strong, food manufacturers have been faced with a choice: Get maximum shelf life for their product through a chemical preservative and forego the advantages of a natural claim, or sacrifice a little shelf life to deliver a more consumer-friendly label. Now they don't have to choose.

Danisco's BioVia™ YM 10 is a natural, label-friendly food protection solution that rivals the efficacy of traditional chemical preservatives such as potassium sorbate. A natural antifungal blend, BioVia™YM 10 is specially designed to enhance the quality of a wide variety of refrigerated and shelf-stable culinary products. With cultured dextrose and plant extracts as active components, BioVia™YM 10 is particularly effective against difficult-to-control fungal spoilage organisms, such as yeasts and molds."
--Danisco USA

Features of BioVia™ YM 10

  • Control over challenging spoilage yeasts and molds
  • Natural, sustainable solution
  • Clean, friendly labeling
  • Effective over a broad pH range (2-7)
  • Multi-component system provides robust efficacy
  • Improved oxidative stability

Danisco USA

Refrigerated Culinary

Refrigerated items - such as fresh salsas, dips, hummus, dressings, and some ready-to-eat meals and sides - do not typically undergo intense heating during processing, so they are particularly vulnerable to spoilage organisms. In challenge studies, BioVia™ YM 10 demonstrated a remarkable ability to control the outgrowth of yeasts that included Zygosaccharomyces bailii and Candida parapsilosis, while suppressing outgrowth of molds such as Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp., even when compared to potassium sorbate.

Heat-Processed Culinary

Shelf-stable culinary products - such as barbecue sauces, marinades and certain condiments - have been heated in processing to the point of killing the majority of spoilage organisms present, which accounts for their longer stability on the shelf without refrigeration. However, some microbes typically remain, and the opportunity for post-processing contamination calls for additional protection in these items to achieve the longer desired shelf life.

Low pH / Higher Fat Culinary

Non-refrigerated culinary products - such as certain dressings and vinaigrettes - gain a degree of shelf stability from their low pH and higher fat levels, which tend to minimize the spoilage potential in these items. However, as with other shelf-stable culinary products, maximizing shelf life requires the addition of an effective antifungal ingredient, such as BioVia™ YM 10.