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The idea presiding over the development of GUARDIAN™ and NovaGARD™ systems is the need for multifactorial food safety and food preservation solutions combining and optimizing known synergies between antimicrobials to control the growth of microorganisms in foods, especially Gram-positive pathogens.

GUARDIAN™ NR systems are patented and complete natural solutions based on the synergy between nisin and rosemary extract. Nisin activity is further enhanced by the synergistic effect of a deodorized natural antioxidant such as rosemary extract that increases the ability of GUARDIAN™ systems to kill Gram-positive bacteria and control their growth. Rosemary extract delays the oxidative rancidity of fats and preserves the freshness of the foodstuff.

NovaGARD™ systems are complete systems combining antimicrobials and known chemicals such as organic acids and their salts, which also increase their ability to kill Gram-positive bacteria and control their growth.

The key benefits for customers and end consumers of using GUARDIAN™ and NovaGARD™ systems are:

  • Replacement of chemical preservatives by a natural and safe solution
  • Food safety improvement by killing and/or delaying growth of Gram-positive pathogens
  • Label-friendly solution
  • Little or no influence on taste, flavor and color of foods
  • Shelf life extension or maintenance by delaying Gram-positive spoilage growth
  • Maintenance of freshness during shelf life by reducing fat oxidation with GUARDIAN™
  • More flexible formulation and expanded market areas due to maintenance of packaged freshness

Main applications:

  • Soups, sauces
  • Cooked sausages
  • Salad dressings
  • Deli salads

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