PowerFlex Tortilla Softener

PowerFlex Tortilla Softener

Tortillas that roll easily without cracking or breaking and increased shelf life are ideals made real by Danisco's new cutting edge research in enzyme technology. Their deep understanding of how ingredients work and interact has enabled the development of advanced blends with a precisely engineered effect.

POWERFlex™ brings together the benefits of our leading emulsifier, hydrocolloid and enzyme technology- among them the pioneering G4 amylase that has set a new standard in reducing staling and enduring tortilla freshness.

Our value-added benefits

  • Better Flexibility
    Softness and flexibility are essential for tortillas to roll without cracking or breaking.
  • Efficient Production
    A pliable, machinable dough is easier to press, has reduced dwell time and optimizes the efficiency of your production line
  • Reduced Stickiness
    Tortillas are easier to separate during production and when removed from the package.
  • Increased Shelf Life
    A longer shelf life provides distribution options to maximize profitability

Advice on optimizing tortilla formulations and processing is readily available from our tortilla application experts. Contact us to help you determine which blend best fits your needs.