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Manufactured by Cosucra Group Warcoing SA
Cargill Health and Nutrition is a leading developer, processor and marketer of science-based, health promoting ingredients for food and dietary supplement industries worldwide. They utilize consumer insight, regulatory agencies and scientific expertise to bring you ingredients that add value to food products.

What is Oliggo-Fiber™ Inulin?

Oliggo-Fiber™ is a group of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) belonging to the class of inulin-type fructans. Inulin is a natural storage carbohydrate found in numerous edible plant species including chicory, artichoke, leek, onion, asparagus, wheat, barley, rye, garlic, and bananas. Oliggo-Fiber™ brand of FOS is extracted from chicory root. Inulin is metabolized similarly to soluble, dietary fiber. It resists digestion in the upper gastrointestinal tract and is fermented by microflora, in the large intestine. For that reason, it provides the same positive effects of soluble fiber in the diet.

Functions of Oliggo-Fiber™:

  • Soluble Dietary Fiber
  • Low Calorie Bulking Agent
  • Enhanced Calcium Absorption
  • Prebiotic and Bifidus Promoter
  • Texture, Mouth Feel and Spread Enhancement
  • Sugar Replacement
  • Fat Replacement

Oliggo-Fiber™ Inulin comes in a variety of chain lengths (degrees of polymerization (DP)) and has numerous beneficial functions: soluble dietary fiber, low calorie bulking agent, enhanced calcium absorption, prebiotic and bifidus promoter, texture modifier, sugar and fat replacements. All grades are Natural, Non-Irradiated, Non-GMO, GRAS, Kosher, Parve, Passover and Halal certified.

At Gillco, we carry three grades of Inulin to meet your specific needs:

Oliggo-Fiber™ Instant Inulin

Oliggo-Fiber™ Instant Inulin has been agglomerated through water extraction. There are no other carriers or additives in this process, so what you have is a finely crystallized inulin, making for quicker dispersion in water and less dusting when manufacturing. Instant Inulin is ideal for all applications. Taste is neutral to slightly sweet, about 10% the sweetness compared to sucrose.

Oliggo-Fiber™ F-97

Oliggo-Fiber™ F-97 is a short chain, partially hydrolyzed inulin from chicory roots. Functional applications include texture and body improvement to enhanced calcium absorption. As a natural vegetable fiber, Oliggo-Fiber™ F-97 is a low calorie (1.1 Kcals/g) bulking agent which may promote the growth of beneficial Bifidobacteria in the lower gut and may help increase the absorption of dietary calcium. F-97 offers excellent spread in cookies as well.

Oliggo-Fiber™ DS2

Oliggo-Fiber™ DS2 has the highest soluble fiber percentage of all Oliggo-Fiber™ products, 97.7% (min). DS2 is perfect for low calorie confections where you need to be diabetic friendly.

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