Natural Extracts
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Natural Extracts

We carry a full line of natural alternatives to synthetic antioxidants. These include GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extract, GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extract and GUARDIAN™ Tocopherol Extract.

GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extract

Our green tea extract has a high content of catechins, polyphenolic substances that secure top shelf-life performance in heattreated food products.

Already a popular nutrient in beverages and dietary supplements, the use of green tea extract for shelf-life extension will enhance your brand image. Green Tea has long been recognized as an effective antioxidant.

Key benefits:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Improved taste
  • Low cost-in-use
  • Promotes good health
  • Protects brand image

GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extract

Rich in phenolic diterpenes, rosemary extract is widely recognised for its ability to delay lipid oxidation and maintain the sensory and nutritional quality of numerous applications so they keep their appetising color, aroma and flavor longer.

Particularly raw and fermented meat benefit from this strong antioxidant effect. In long-life bakery products, GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extract is a strong choice for the many new trans-free products that require extra protection.

It is also effective in dressings, soups and sauces, margarine and spreads and ready meals.

Key benefits:

  • Low flavor intensity
  • Extended shelf life
  • Long-lasting product flavor, aroma and color
  • Excellent handling and distribution

GUARDIAN™ Tocopherol Extract

GUARDIAN™ Tocopherol Extract is derived from soya oil and has vitamin E activity. This member of our natural range is ideal for extending the shelf life of fats and oils, infant food and other products.

It is also available in an identity preserved version for applications where a non-GM solution is required.

Key benefits:

  • Natural
  • Extended shelf life
  • QS dosage
  • Vitamin effect