Ready Meal Lab

As dual income families struggle to find time, compromises must be made in certain areas. One of these areas is the preparation of meals. With less time to make a meal, consumers are turning more and more towards ready-to-eat meals. But not just any ready-to-eat meal – they want it fresh, flavorful, natural,and, of course, for it to be safe from undesirable microorganisms.

Protecting food quality during shelf life has been one of the most critical issues of the modern food industry with the development of more convenient foods. How does one get a reasonable shelf life and keep a clean label? We’ve got the answer at Gillco. Our Natural Food Protection systems will give you the shelf life you need without altering your flavor profile. All this and a clean label too! Talk with one of our Sales Specialists to find the right system for your specific application.

Functionality/Benefit Gillco Products

Improve Texture

Viscosity and stability increase
Texture modification
Guar Gum

Extend Shelf Life

Gram-positive pathogens risk reduction
Growth control of Gram-positive spoilage
Safety improvement and shelf life extension
Gram-positive pathogens risk reduction
Growth control of Gram-positive spoilage
Delay of oxidative rancidity
Shelf life extension
MicroGARD™ Fermentates
Nisaplin® Natural Antimicrobial
NovaGARD™ Antimicrobial Systems
Natamax® Natural Antimicrobial
GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extract
GRINDOX™ Antioxidants
BioVia™ YM 10

Health Benefits

Fiber enrichment and prebiotic
Heart Health
Litesse® Polydextrose
CoroWise Phytosterols