Dips+Spreads Lab

Concerned consumers are increasingly interested in what goes into the food they eat. The fine print on the label is being scrutinized. The demand for all-natural ingredients is soaring. This puts the traditional dip & spread manufacturer in a bind. How to maintain shelf life with all natural ingredients?

The solution isn’t always easy but our Sales Specialists can work with you to find a Natural Food Protection system that is the perfect solution. They can also suggest some innovative ways to improve texture and stability through the addition of our gum systems, which include Xanthan and an all-natural Locust Bean Gum (also available in Organic Certified). If that’s not enough, they can also tell you how you can add soluble fiber and heart-healthy phytosterols to your product.

Functionality/Benefit Gillco Products

Improve Texture

Viscosity and stability increase
Texture modification
Heat stability improvement
Good adhesion to snack
GRINDSTED® Locust Bean Gum
Guar Gum

Extend Shelf Life Naturally

Gram-positive pathogens risk reduction
Growth control of Gram-positive spoilage
Nisaplin® Natural Antimicrobial
NovaGARD™ Antimicrobial Systems
Growth control of Gram-positive and Gram-negative spoilage MicroGARD™ Fermentates
NovaGARD™ Antimicrobial Systems
Growth control of yeasts and molds Natamax® Natural Antimicrobias
MicroGARD™ Fermentates
BioVia™ YM 10
Delay of oxidative rancidity GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extract
GRINDOX™ Antioxidants

Health Benefits

Fiber enrichment
Heart Health
Litesse® Polydextrose
CoroWise Phytosterols