About Us

At Gillco, we have redefined the concept of wholesale ingredient distribution.  We have partnered with some of the most reputable and innovative ingredient manufacturers in the world to put together an incredible line of healthy, natural, and functional ingredients.   The best part is that we know how to use them.  Our sales force is technically trained on all of our ingredients and they are chock full of ideas on how you can make your food or beverage product better. Add to that our extraordinary customer service and you have an ingredient distributor unlike any other.  Give us a call (a live person always answers during working hours) and let us change the way you think about your ingredient supplier.  

About Us


Although founded in 1982, Gillco really began to define itself in the mid 1990s.  We went from a marketer of food chemicals and commodities to a leader in providing solutions in the formulation of healthy and natural food and beverages.  With our technical expertise, extraordinary service capabilities, and long-term reliability, we have built a strong reputation and a very loyal customer base.

Customer Service Team

This is one well connected group. They all work together in a big comfortable open space on our first floor with a full supply of healthy snacks (and some not-so-healthy snacks brought in by the boss). They know all of our customers on a first name basis and look forward to catching up with them when they call to place an order. It is usually very busy but they love the challenge of making things happen and to widely exceed even our most demanding customer’s expectations.

Sales Team

You’ve never seen such a group of energetic and enthusiastic people. Our sales team has been expertly trained on the functional technology of our ingredients and they can’t wait to show our customers what they know. But that’s not all. They get a kick out of telling our clients about our ability to reduce lead-time and cost. We have warehouses in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Kansas City. Now that’s a lot to talk about. No wonder the sales team is so fired up.

Product Line

Several years ago, we made the switch from traditional additives to our current line of healthy natural and organic ingredients when we realized it’s much more fulfilling to sell ingredients that you feel good about. And we sure feel great about our current line up.


Protecting the Environment

A big concern with all of us at Gillco is the protection of the planet. The growing process and minimal processing of our organic ingredients is not only healthy for the consumer but also ensures a significant reduction in chemicals and emissions that pollute our environment.

We also do our part by providing low-emission hybrid vehicles for our sales team. The added bonus is that they happen to be great fun to drive.