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Manufactured by Danisco
The word “pectin” stems from the Greek word “pektos”, which means firm and hard, reflecting the ability of pectin to form gels. The fact that pectin is able to form gels means that it has a wide range of applications in food products.

Pectin is a polymeric carbohydrate, which has a high molecular weight and is present in all plants, primarily in the form of protopectin. Pectin has an important influence on plant cells since protopectin and cellulose form the structure of the cell walls. Commercial pectin is derived from the peel of citrus fruits (lemon, lime and orange) or from apple pomace. These raw materials are used because they produce pectin of superior quality, contain a relatively large amount of pectin and are available in sufficient quantities to make them commercially viable.

Application Areas

Pectin is traditionally used in a wide range of fruit-based products in which it acts as a gelling agent. Pectin is also used to adjust the mouthfeel of fruit-based beverages and as a protein stabiliser in acidified milk products such as yoghurt.

Product Range

At Gillco Ingredients, we carry a wide range of High-Ester and Low-Ester Pectin products. Please contact one of our Sales Specialists at 1-800-525-0732 to find the pectin that meets your specific needs.