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CoroWise™ Plant Sterols

Manufactured by Cargill Health & Food Technologies

A “Heart Healthy” banner will look great on your label. Now add to this the possibility of co-branding with Cargill’s CoroWise™ Plant Sterols. That is marketing nirvana. The CoroWise™ products are derived from all-natural plant sources and are formulated for use in food, beverages, and dietary supplements. Based on data from scores of trials conducted on the use of plant sterols in the diet, a daily intake of at least 1.3 grams of plant sterols esters (or 0.8 grams of free plant sterols) as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol is recommended to provide significant cholesterol lowering benefits.

An FDA health claim may be available when plant sterols are included in two servings of foods that provide a daily total of at least 1.3 (or 0.8) grams of vegetable oil sterols in two meals.

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