Natamax™ Antimicrobials
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Natamax™ Antimicrobials

The active compound of Natamax® products is natamycin, a natural antimycotic polyene macrolide produced by fermentation of Streptomyces natalensis bacteria.

Natamax® is one of the most effective natural technologies against yeasts and moulds.

The key benefits for customers and end consumers of using Natamax® products are:

  • Food safety improvement by protecting foodstuff against mycotoxin production such as aflatoxin
  • Shelf life extension or maintenance by controlling and delaying fungal and yeast growth

Customer benefits besides food safety and food preservation are:

  • Replacement of chemical preservatives by a natural and safe solution
  • Extra safety for consumer due to no reported allergic or sensory reactions
  • Little or no influence on taste, flavor, color of foodstuff
  • No migration into the foodstuff when applied on the surface, thus limiting the concentration
  • Cost-effective solution due to high efficacy at low concentrations
  • Possible usage in fermented products due to no action against bacteria
  • Allowing new formulation due to not needing low pH to be effective

Main application areas:

  • Surface treatment of cheeses
  • Surface treatment of dried and semi-dried cured meat products
  • Yogurt, sour cream
  • Wines and fruit juices
  • Bakery products

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