Extend Shelf Life

There are no improvements that you can make to your food or beverage product that will boost your customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line as much as shelf life extension. At Gillco Ingredients, we have several options available to slow staling, inhibit mold and yeast growth, and prevent rancidity in your product. And if your product is All-Natural or Organic, don’t worry; we have some excellent options for those products as well.



We all know what happens to food products if the oils in the product begin to oxidize. It becomes rancid, and that’s not a word that you want associated with your product. But there is a cure! At Gillco, we have a full line of antioxidants that can prevent rancidity and extend the life of your product. We even have a product that is derived from rosemary extract for those who wish to keep their product all-natural. Learn more >
Natural Antimicrobials

Natural Mold Inhibitors

Recent breakthroughs in technology have produced all-natural and organic derivatives of dextrose and skim milk that are amazingly effective at inhibiting the growth of mold and yeast in food products. Now you can get rid of all that bad stuff at the bottom of your label that marketing has been hounding you about. Learn more >

Anti-Staling Agents

Stale bread is good for french toast and duck food but not much else. Extend the time that your Bakery products and Tortillas have on the shelf by incorporating our Food Emulsifiers. Learn more >