Natural Food Protection

With consumers becoming acutely aware of the relationship between diet and health and questioning the use of synthetic substances in food, the market for natural and organic food is gaining ground. Natural protective ingredients are therefore well on the way to replacing synthetic preservatives and ensuring a safe protected shelf life for countless food products. We focus on natural, safe and effective antimicrobials and antioxidants.

Natural Antimicrobials



Fermentate-based antimicrobials. The active compounds of MicroGARD™ products are natural metabolites produced by fermenting selected food grade cultures on dairy- and/or sugar-based ingredients. Microgard products are labeled either Cultured Dextrose or cultured Skim Milk. MicroGARD™ products are effective against Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria and/or yeasts and moulds. Learn More >


Natamycin-based antimicrobials. Natamax® is one of the most effective natural technologies against yeasts and molds. Learn More >


Antimicrobial systems. The idea presiding over the development of GUARDIAN™ and NovaGARD™ systems is the need for multifactorial food safety and food preservation solutions combining and optimizing known synergies between antimicrobials to control the growth of microorganisms in foods, especially Gram-positive pathogens. Learn More >
Nisaplin and Novasin

Nisaplin® and Novasin™

Nisin-based antimicrobials. Effective against a broad range of Gram-positive bacteria, including Listeria, Clostridium, Bacillus and lactic bacteria. Learn More >
Organic Solutions

Organic Solutions

Fermentate-based antimicrobials.Two new certified organic products to fill the need of the organic market for natural protection against yeast, mold and spoilage organisms such as Pseudomonas. Learn More >

Natural Antioxidants

GUARDIAN Green Tea Extract

GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extract

Already a popular nutrient in beverages and dietary supplements, the use of green tea extract for shelf-life extension will enhance your brand image. Learn More >
GUARDIAN Rosemary Extract

GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extract

Rich in phenolic diterpenes, rosemary extract is widely recognised for its ability to delay lipid oxidation. Learn More >

GUARDIAN Tocopherol Extract

GUARDIAN™ Tocopherol Extract

Derived from soya oil and has vitamin E activity, this member of our natural range is ideal for extending the shelf life of fats and oils, infant food and other products. Learn More >